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We have a new facility!


Contrast Metalworks LLC is thrilled to inform all of their customers that fabrication at our facility has just become more efficient. A few key details at our new facility include:

  • 45,000 sq ft fabrication shop

  • Our Ocean Avenger CNC Drill Line can handle an assortment of steel shapes and will drill beams up to 40” tall and 60ft in length

  • Our Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line can process angle up to 6x6x5/8” in any length

  • Our Koike Plate Pro XHD has an 8ft x 20ft table and an oxy-fuel torch head capable of processing plate from 1/4” to 6” thick

  • Our Geka Hydracrop 165S is a 185 ton ironworker for additional parts processing

  • Our Ercolina's Super Bender Plus is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles.

These new machines mean more productivity on our fabrication floor and a faster turn around on your projects!

*Please take several minutes and look through the photos posted here on the site to get familiarized with our new equipment and see as to why we are so excited at what we can now provide for our customers.

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